Best Trash Can of 2018 – Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Best Trash Can of 2018 - Complete Reviews With Comparisons
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Exactly how much research must be conducted when looking for a trash can? After all, what mind-blowing features can you expect from something that carries garbage?  

You’ll be surprised what the modern trash can is capable of. Product innovations have evolved for pretty much any item you can think of—waste bins included. 

Gone are the days when they were deemed the most basic and least important items in your home.

Ideally the unit you choose must allow for a simple and effective way of disposing refuse.

If it keeps those nasty odors away—the better. And that’s very possible! Let’s discuss a few of the best trash cans.

Top 5 Trash Cans Comparison Chart

iTouchless Sensor Trash Can with AC Adapter

Home Zone Round Step Trash Can Stainless Steel Trash Bin

mDesign Rectangular Trash Can Wastebasket

NINESTARS DZT-80-4 Automatic TouchlessTrash Can

Rubbermaid Commercial Plastic 7-Gallon Trash Can

Best Trash Can Reviews

1. iTouchless Senser Trash Can

Fancy adding a touch-free bin to your kitchen? Here we have one of the best trash cans designed for the modern home owner.

Product Highlights

Say goodbye to the traditional trash cans that take you in contact with various illness-causing bacteria found in garbage bins. You don’t have to physically touch it to dispose waste material. The enhanced sensor technology automatically lifts the lid with just the motion of your hand. Impressive right?

Fear the lid accidentally closing on you? Don’t. Because of its reflex technology the lid automatically reopens if it senses you’ve moved your hand back in. Plus you have the option of using the manual open and shut button if you want to keep it open a little longer.

Another interesting feature is the replaceable odor filter that traps all those nasty smells commonly associated with the garbage area. And the first filter is included on initial purchase.

You don’t have to see the excess bag of garbage each time you walk into your kitchen. The trash bag retainer ring keeps it tucked discreetly away. And when it’s time to discard and replace the bag, it has air vents which create airflow to ensure easy removal.

In addition it fits the standard 13 gallon trash bags. This means no expensive custom bags are necessary plus, it’s powered by superior batteries which guarantee longevity of the unit.

What's to like about the iTouchless Senser Trash Can

This is the preferred trash can where hygiene and convenience are concerned. The automatic lid guarantees durability compared to step cans, which may quickly break due to endless stepping.

Also compared to other products the manufacturer goes a step further by making it a slim and space-saving design. Mind you; the slim build doesn’t take away from the extra wide interior. As a result you can still throw away all bulky trash with ease—pizza boxes included.

What's not to like about the iTouchless Senser Trash Can

Though the sensor is a great invention it sometimes doesn’t respond to your hand motion as shown in this video. Also, occasionally the lid sticks when you change the trash bag. Normally simply turning it off and back on does the trick but it’s bound to get worse as the trash can gets older.


  • check
  • check
  • check


  • Sensors might not work
  • Lid might stick
  • Expensive

2. Home Zone Oval Step Trash Can

Home Zone is known for its stylish but functional products and this trash can is no exception. The average customer who wants a chic but affordable garbage bin will like this particular model.

Product Highlights

It features a pedal design and stay-open lid which means you can lift the lid without using your hands—simply step on the lever. In addition it comes with a removable plastic pail that allows you to take out the trash and clean it with ease.

You don’t have to worry about your garbage content spilling out thanks to the rubber band which holds the garbage bag in place. It’s made of stainless steel material which resists those annoying fingerprints commonly found on most metal trash cans.

The unit holds up to 12 liters and uses four-gallon trash bags. This is a good average size.

What's to like about the Home Zone Oval Step Trash Can

Because of its compact size it’s perfect to use in those narrow and small spaces such as the office or bathroom. Despite its size it’s as sturdy as they come. The construction is quite solid so even your nosy pet won’t manage to topple it over.

Unlike other trash cans in the same price range that are made of plastic, this one is made of a strong metal. As a result you’re guaranteed some degree of durability. Plus even though it comes at a low price it’s nowhere near cheap looking.

What's not to like about the Home Zone Oval Step Trash Can

At times the lid remains partially open. As a result you have to push it all the way down to close—which kind of defeats the whole hands-free process. In addition, because of the plastic liner inside the trash can, it retains odors. This means it works for short periods of time and you might need to empty it regularly.


  • check
    Sturdy design
  • check
  • check
    Easy to empty


  • Lid may remain partially open
  • Frequent emptying required
  • Plastic retains odors

3. mDesign Rectangular Trash Can

These trash cans are designed for the modern home owner who wants an affordable but functional trash can—while also creating a clean and clutter-free look in their living space.

Product Highlights

By purchasing this model you get two trash cans for the price of one. Bargain, right? Their rectangular shapes with curved profiles make them ideal to fit into those small and narrow spaces. Whether you want to slide it inside the cabinet or under the sink, the compact design allows for that.

Because of the style and size, it can occupy any space you desire in your home such as the bathroom or study. But it’s not only restricted to use in your home—even in dorm rooms or RVs.

Cleaning up these waste baskets is a breeze thanks to the material; simply wipe with a damp cloth. It’s made of durable shatter-resistant plastic and comes in a dark gray color which complements most home décor styles these days.

What's to like about the mDesign Rectangular Trash Can

If you have an inquisitive crawling baby in the house you might appreciate the compact size of this waste basket. You can simply place it on top of the counter and it won’t look distracting or out of place.

While on the subject of kids, it’s the perfect size and style for kids to easily dispose waste material in bathrooms. I like that you get two trash cans which is very convenient if you have two bathrooms.

What's not to like about the mDesign Rectangular Trash Can

Though the design is modern the quality is questionable which ultimately doesn’t guarantee longevity. I would have liked it to be of better quality than the cheap plastic it’s made of. As a result it’s prone to dents and scratches. Also the plastic is a bit shiny. Sure it looks great—at first—but with time it quickly makes those fingerprint marks and scratches visible.


  • check
    Compact design
  • check
  • check
    Easy maintenance


  • Might arrive with dents
  • Scratches visible
  • Cheaply made

4. Ninestars DZT-50-28SL Automatic Motion Sensor Trash Can

This is a premium design trash can from the tech-savvy brand Ninestars. It’s suitable for the modern home owner with a taste for trendy and superior appliances.

Product Highlights

This product is made of high quality materials with a water-resistant infrared motion sensor embedded. As a result, it prevents moisture and accidental spills from damaging the unit. Also, the fingerprint-resistant stainless steel helps keep the unit clean so it doesn’t ruin the aesthetics of the room.

Another one of its key features is the ability to preserve battery power. Because of its advanced technology it has a soft closing function which increases its durability. It’s also designed to seal odor in, thereby reducing unpleasant smells within your home.

In addition cross contamination of germs is eliminated because of the touch free motor sensor lid. Your kitchen is also guaranteed a neat and clean appearance thanks to the removable ring liner which keeps the trash bag in place. As a result it prevents it from overhanging.

You’ll like that it comes with a 2-year unconditional warranty which is hassle free. Plus there are no additional charges for repairing or replacing any defective parts.

What's to like about the Ninestars DZT-50-28SL Automatic Motion Sensor Trash Can

First off the battery-preserving ability is a winner. Most similar units aren’t designed to guard against unintended opening of the bin as is the case with this model. This may be due to toddler or pets passing by—including yourself. As a result, these actions or being close to the unit activates opening and closing of the lid which just wastes the battery. But not so on this model.

Also unlike similar units which come with a 6-month warranty, this one has a 2-year warranty which is useful. It also has a large 30-gallon capacity which means fewer trash bag replacements each week.

What's not to like about the Ninestars DZT-50-28SL Automatic Motion Sensor Trash Can

Though the sensor depth is short and prevents unnecessary opening it sometimes poses as a disadvantage. This is because it won’t always pick up your hand movement immediately. Also the lid might close before you’re done emptying.

The durability of the sensor is also questionable. Apart from the lid not opening all the way it might not last as long as you’d want it to.


  • check
    Preserves battery
  • check
    Looks great
  • check
    Large capacity


  • Durability of sensor questionable
  • Lid doesn’t close all the way down
  • Durability of liner ring questionable

5. Rubbermaid Plastic Trash Can

This mid-price range trash can is one of the most simple and practical designs to come out of the Rubbermaid commercial range. It’s mainly for commercial use and recyclable garbage.

Product Highlights

Since it’s constructed using plastic you don’t have to worry about rust, dents or chipping. And the plastic makes it very easy to clean.

It features rolled rims for added strength which can guarantee durability. Because of its compact design you can easily fit it into narrow spaces. It fits snugly under standard desk heights even when the swing top is fully opened, which is great news for saving floor space.

It’s suitable for use in conference or display rooms as well as gift shops or offices, because it looks so neat.

What's to like about the Rubbermaid Plastic Trash Can

This trash can is the epitome of simplicity and functionality. It’s a pretty basic but practical unit which doesn’t need charging or software updates to operate. Simply throw in the garbage—dispose   regularly—and clean it frequently.

Because of the thick and sturdy design it holds trash perfectly while blocking odors. The unit comes in a variety of colors so you’re likely to find one that complements your kitchen decor. Plus it’s a perfect size and fits snugly under the kitchen sink—and out of the way. Because of its smooth surface it not only dries fast but it’s dirt resistant.

What's not to like about the Rubbermaid Plastic Trash Can

Because it’s small it means you have to empty it frequently depending on how much trash you generate. Also, when you order it the unit isn’t shipped in a box. As a result be prepared for some cleaning because it’ll arrive soiled and stained.

While the build is generally of good quality the same can’t be said about the rim. The top edge of the rim won’t hold up very long and will soon start to crack.


  • check
  • check
    Resists blemishes and stains
  • check
    Easy to clean


  • Durability of rim questionable
  • Shipped without a box
  • Too light for a commercial trash can


While there are many trash cans to select from it’s extremely important you choose one that effectively keeps those nasty odors at bay. Ideally, tossing garbage should be easy, and replacing trash bags shouldn’t be a hassle. Let’s summarize a few important features to look for when deciding on a trash can for your home or office.

Size and Capacity

The size of the trash can—both the interior and exterior—is important. Ideally you want one that’ll suit your needs depending on your frequency of garbage disposal—and size of the space it is intended for. If you’re a large family and will be constantly disposing trash, a bin with a larger interior or capacity will do. Live alone? A compact one will work just fine.

In terms of the size of the exterior, if you have a large spacious kitchen you can afford to purchase a larger trash can. If it’s a small kitchen, a compact one with a space-saving design will work. Ideally you want one you can easily fit between narrow spaces or slide under the sink. Ultimately you don’t want to cramp out your already tiny kitchen by buying a large unit.


Trash cans come in varying dimensions and if you have a particular place you want to place your trash can it’s advisable to measure the dimensions of the space before purchasing. Make sure you consider the diameter, height and capacity of the unit before purchasing. This will influence where you can fit it and how much waste you can put inside.

Design and Materials

Trash cans are available in a number of designs. Some are very trendy while others are just pretty basic. At the end of the day it’s a matter of preference. Do you want a stylish one that complements your kitchen décor, or do you prefer a simple unit?

Whatever design you decide on, make sure it’s practical and doesn’t take away from the trash can’s core function and purpose. The basic types are the pedal trash cans, motor sensor and waste basket design. The pedal and motion sensor design generally allows for a hands-free approach when discarding your garbage. The waste basket is a basic but practical design.

The material of the trash can is equally important because it determines both price and quality. The most common types are plastic and stainless steel trash cans. Because steel trash cans are more durable and modern, expect to spend more.

The plastic, though usually a cheaper option, breaks easily and more often than steel cans. As a result they’re not as durable as the latter. Also the plastic won’t do much for your kitchen scent as it absorbs and retains odors.

Lid Types

The type of trash can lid you pick will determine how effective it’ll be at sealing in odors. Apart from retaining smells it’ll make the difference between a neat appearance and an untidy one. Also if it doesn’t cover the bin properly prepare to see your trash bags hanging out of the bin.

Lids can be automatic and be opened with:

  • A foot press
  • Motion sensor
  • Manually by the physical pressing of the button
  • Swing top

Simply choose the one that works for you. Ideally it must snap fit for effective odor retention. They are either made of metal, plastic or rubber.

Shape of the Bin

The shape is also another feature worth considering. Sure, the rectangle shape of the trash can looks cool but do you have the space to fit it in? What if the space allocated by your kitchen is square shaped? Make sure you buy the correct shape of trash can to fit without wasting floor space.

Do you have a specific place for your kitchen trash can in mind? Maybe it’s against the wall or kitchen counter. In that case make sure you choose one with a flat back.

Trash Can F.A.Q.

What size trash can works for your kitchen?

For kitchen use the size of the trash can you choose will ultimately depend on usage. However for a standard household of four, an average size of 13 gallons is ideal. If you’re a young couple then 7 to 10 gallons will suffice.

How to clean a trash can?

You can use warm water and light detergent to avoid damaging the smoothness of your stainless steel trash can. You can also clean with vinegar to help eliminate the odor.

With automatic trash cans, make sure the electric components of the sensor are kept dry at all times. Also keep the lid dry and avoid water immersion.

How big is a 13 gallon trash can?

Though they come in different sizes the average size of the trash can is 13 gallons. It holds 49 liters. In general the dimensions will be 15.50” x 13.20” x 24.90”.

How to deodorize your trash can?

First, you can choose a trash can which makes use of a carbon deodorizer to combat smells. These deodorizers use activated carbon to filter air. However, while they are effective in odor management they require more maintenance. This is because you need to constantly replace the deodorizers if they’re to remain effective.

Also you can sprinkle baking soda inside the can to help absorb any odors.

How does a step trash can work?

This is a hands-free approach to disposing garbage. The trash can has a pedal or lever activated by one’s foot to open the lid and throw in waste material.


I’m going to go with the Ninestars Automatic Motion Sensor Trash can. If you have a few extra dollars to spend you might want to go for this unit which offers a hygienic and convenient way of disposing trash.

I love that the large size means you don’t have to frequently replace the bag. Unlike other trash cans with similar mechanisms the sensor’s short range will guard it against unnecessary opening. As a result it will last longer. Plus it’s covered with a 2-year warranty, which is great.

However if you’re working on a budget I’d recommend the Rubbermaid plastic trash can. Though it’s not stylish it offers a simple and practical way of disposing your garbage. The size is perfect and it comes in a variety of colors to compliment your kitchen decor. The non-glossy exterior reduces the visibility of any marks and fingerprints. And it’s super easy to clean. Ready to make even the process of garbage disposal a more stylish activity?


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