Home Zone Oval Step Trash Can Review

Home Zone Oval Step Trash Can Review
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Home Zone Oval Step Trash Can: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Sturdy design
  • Compact
  • Easy to empty

What We Don't Like

  • Lid may remain partially open
  • Frequent emptying required
  • Plastic retains odors

Are you looking for a trash can for your home bathroom or office? The sleek and modern design of the Home Zone Oval Step trash can will impress you and even your guests.

These bins are designed to be stylish and functional. Despite holding up to 12 liters of trash they still fit perfectly into small spaces. The lid seals well keeping foul odors in, therefore keeping your bathroom smelling clean and fresh.

Home Zone Oval Step Trash Can Review

If you’re tired of constantly emptying out the trash in your bathroom or office, the Home Zone Oval is the perfect solution. It has ample space meaning you can delay taking the trash out for a few more days.

With the convenient pedal feature you can keep the lid open while you throw out your trash. There is no need to touch the bin with your hands.

Taking out the trash with the Home Zone is a breeze. It has a removable plastic pail which fits a 4-gallon bin bag. This removable inner also makes cleaning the bin quick and easy.

The metal resists fingerprint marks so if you do touch the bin by accident it will maintain its clean and sleek look.

Some pedal bins move backwards when you step on the pedal, but the Home Zone bin is designed to stay in its place when being used.

Who is this bin for?

This product is for anyone who wants to add a great looking and functional bin to their office or home bathroom.

If you are hygiene conscious then a pedal bin is the obvious answer to avoid touching the bin with your hands. With a newborn baby in the house this bin can be used for disposing of used diapers as it will effectively keep the odors in.

Anyone who needs to fit a bin into a snug space without compromising on capacity will appreciate the design of this bin.

It’s an affordable product, yet it still has a quality feel to it. The pedal function works smoothly and quietly making it seem like a much more expensive option.

What’s included?

This bin comes in three parts:

  • The fully assembled stainless steel bin with the lid attached
  • The removable plastic pail
  • A rubber band to hold the bin bag in place

The bin takes 4 gallon bin bags which are not included. We recommend buying the biodegradable bags from your supermarket.

To make sure that the bin fits into your allocated space check the measurements which are: 11.42”x 16.46” x 11.61”.

Overview of features

The following were our favorite features:

  • Pedal for opening the lid: The pedal on this bin works smoothly and silently. A pedal bin is a good hygienic option
  • Lid closes slowly and quietly: The lid of this bin doesn’t slam closed; this prevents a lot of irritation such as loud noise or hurt fingers
  • The size and design of the bin: The bin holds 12 liters of trash in a 4 gallon bin bag but still fits into snug spaces
  • Removable plastic pail: The removable pail means taking the trash out and cleaning this bin is quick and easy
  • Rubber band to hold bag in place: This makes the bin look neat and tidy and prevents the bag from slipping
  • Fingerprint proof stainless steel: The bin maintains its sleek and modern design even if you accidentally touch it.
  • Tightly sealing lid: This assists with keeping odors in and increased hygiene.

Installation instructions

This trash can comes with instructions and it’s easy to assemble and use; you simply place the bin bag into the removable pail and secure it with the rubber band. You then place the removable pail into the bin and it’s ready to use.


This Home Zone model comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. Besides the 12 liter oval stainless steel bin that we reviewed, the following other options are available:

  • 12 liter round
  • 5 liter oval
  • 5 liter round
  • 8 liter black
  • 8 liter rectangular
  • 8 liter white

Although the Home Zone bin is a bit more expensive than its Simple Human counterpart, it is a better quality. The lid of the Home Zone bin is made from stainless steel and the Simple Human lid is made from plastic making it less sturdy. However, you do know how easy it is to clean plastic, which is a great advantage when managing a busy home.


The Home Zone Oval Step trashcan is the perfect addition to any bathroom, guest toilet, office space or even the bedroom. We would recommend getting one for all these rooms, both for looks and practicality. Aside from being stylish, it’s everything you want and expect from a pedal trashcan at a very reasonable price. Will that solve a few problems for you?


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