How to Clean Your Garbage Can with Vinegar?

How to Clean Your Garbage Can with Vinegar
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Your garbage can might not be something which you consider needs cleaning. After all, it is for the garbage so why would you want to clean it? It is understandable point of view, however, once you know the reasons why you should clean your garbage can, you will be running for the soap and water, plus you'll also want to be getting the vinegar out of your condiments cupboard.

Why You Should Clean Your Garbage Can?

There are several reasons why you should clean your garbage can regularly, and if you have ever taken the trash out to the garbage can, you will be aware of one of them ... the smell. If we were to list all the individual items that could cause smells in and around your garbage we could fill another 10 pages, but suffice to say, there are plenty of them.

The commonest one is rotting food with the biggest culprits being dairy products, fruit and vegetables and meat. To be more accurate it is not so much the food that creates the smell but the bacteria that are trying to decompose the food.

There can be other items in your trash that may produce horrible smells. You may have a very young child or baby in the house and could be throwing away disposable diapers to name but one.

Another reason for cleaning your garbage can is to reduce its attraction to unwanted visitors. The sort of visitors we are talking about are rodents such as rats and insects which includes flies. Flies love nothing more using your garbage can for feeding off waste food and to lay their eggs.

Cleaning Your Garbage Properly

Cleaning Your Garbage Properly

For some people, cleaning a garbage can involves no more than them swishing around some cold water and pouring it down the drain. While this is better than not cleaning it at all, it is not the right way to do it.

Below we will outline the steps you should take to clean your garbage can properly. Note all of this takes place outside. The items you will need are as follows:

  • Hose with spray attachment
  • Scrubbing brush - Ideally you want one with a long handle
  • Paper towels or drying rags
  • Washing liquid or other liquid soap
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda (optional)

Get dressed for the occasion

At the very least, you should be wearing gloves, and there is certainly no harm in wearing eye protection to guard against any dirty water splashing in your eye. You might also choose to wear protective overalls and your oldest shoes or boots as there is going to be a lot of dirty water which you obviously don't want on your good clothes or footwear

Empty the trash can

Empty everything out of the garbage and put it somewhere out of sight and away from any children or pets can access it. Ideally, should plan to do this cleaning job just after your garbage collection takes place so there is nothing in the garbage can to start with.

Dislodge dried in liquid and food

As a first step spray the inside of the trash can with water to dislodge and clean away any dried liquids or pieces of food. You may need to repeat this a couple of times to remove any stubborn pieces of debris.

Dislodge dried in liquid and food

Cleaning solution

Once you are happy you have got as much off the insides of the garbage bin as you can, it is now time now time to mix your cleaning solution. For this, you want two cups of distilled vinegar and a small amount of liquid soap which you pour into the garbage can

Add water

With the cleaning solution in the garbage can, add some water so that it is about one-third full.

Mix it together

Using your scrubbing brush stir the water around so that the cleaning solution is well mixed in.

Scrub it clean

Use your scrubbing brush to thoroughly clean both the inside and the outside of your garbage can. Pay particular attention to the edges of the garbage can where the base is joined to the sides.

Stubborn marks

If you need an abrasive substance to help remove especially ground in grime, you can make a paste using baking soda and apply it to where these marks are.

Empty and rinse

Once you are happy you have removed all marks and stains, empty the dirty water, and then rinse your garbage can out with clean water and pour this away too.

Deodorizing your garbage can with vinegar

As an extra step, you can deodorize your garbage can by filling it with water, adding in a cup of distilled vinegar, mixing it in, and then placing the lid on top. Leave this for a couple of hours and when you return any remaining odors should have gone.


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