How to Keep Flies Away from Your Outside Garbage Can?

How to Keep Flies Away from Your Outside Garbage Can
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Like the drunk who gatecrashes and spoils the party, flies are one of the most annoying unwanted guests that turn up at your home when temperatures start to rise.

One or two is annoying enough but if your garage can seems to attract more than your fair share of flies then you will want to read this article to find out how you can rid of them.

Why Flies Love Your Garbage Can?

Flies are particularly attracted to trash or garbage cans where they hope to feast upon any food which has been thrown in there. If you have seen a nature program showing you in close-up detail how flies eat, then you'll know it is a disgusting process.

Another reason they seek out your garbage can is that it can contain rotting, organic matter which is an ideal place for them to lay their eggs. The hatched maggots love nothing more but to feast on rotting food

Whether you don't wish to have the next generation of flies hatching on your property or are simply fed up of having to swat away flies from the area around your home, we are going to explain ways you can get rid of flies from your garbage can, and steps you can take to stop them coming back.

Why Flies Love Your Garbage Can

Getting Rid of Them

Fly Traps

If you can't beat them, capture them, or in many cases, kill them, which is what most fly traps do. These come in all shapes and sizes, so it is impossible for us to cover every one of them here. However, the main ones you should look for are electronic zappers, disposable sticky sheets and odor traps which you add water to.

There are several advantages to fly traps. The first is that most of them of relatively inexpensive with many sticky traps costing less than $10. The electronic ones are usually less than $100, so even they should not break the bank.

One of the other benefits of using fly traps is that you can catch lots of flies in one go. Obviously not at the same instant but over a week or so you could have dozens of them who have buzzed their last.

Swatting Them

As old-fashioned as it sounds, swatting flies is still one of the best ways of getting rid of flies, plus it has a morbid satisfaction every time you get one of them. You can use one of the basic ones which have a flat piece of plastic at the end of a wire stem.

The other ones which look like mini tennis racquets are the electronic zapper swats. If you have been annoyed by flies for some time there can be no more enjoyable sound than the 'pop' noise your zapper makes when it connects with a fly.


This is a very effective method of killing flies, and it is also one of the fastest. A spray from a good insecticide can wipe out hundreds of them before you know it. It can also kill other insects which may annoy you like wasps, mosquitoes, moths and cockroaches, depending on which formula you use.

There is a big caveat though. Insecticides contain chemicals which can be harmful to humans and pets. The biggest danger is either breathing it in or your skin coming into contact with the insecticide. If you do plan to use it, always wear a face mask and protective clothing including gloves. Also, ensure any children and pets are kept well away while you are spraying the insecticide.

Keep your garbage can clean

Keeping Them Away

Keep your garbage can clean

This might seem obvious, but you would be amazed how many people who keep their home, garden or yard like a palace and clean it religiously, but somehow deem their garbage can not worthy of cleaning. A simple wash with soap and water regularly will ensure that any spilt liquid or scraps of food on the sides of your garbage can are not magnets to flies looking for their next meal.

Seal your meal (or what is left of it)

Make sure that all food waste is placed in a sealable waste bag, rather than in open containers or boxes. Takeaway food is the main culprit for this, as they are often thrown straight in the garbage can with food still in them.

Make sure the lid is on tight

Flies might be resourceful, but they haven't yet evolved to the point where they can lift the lids off a garbage can, so if you make sure it is replaced properly then they have no way to get to any waste food inside. You might have to ensure that the rest of your family is on message with this as just one occasion where it is not on properly is an invitation to the flies.


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