How to Put a Trash Bag in a Trash Can

How to Put a Trash Bag in a Trash Can
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In this crazy world of ours, there are some questions which remain unanswered, like 'why does the toast always land butter-side down?' or 'which came first, the chicken or the egg?'

Another question (and one we hope to answer in this article) is why the bag in your trash can always seem to fall inside it? This problem seems inescapable regardless of the size of the trash can so whether it is a 55-60 gallon one, or a small 10 gallon one, the bags that go in them seem determined to fall inside.

Let's solve that problem for you now with some simple tips which you will ensure your trash can bag stays where it is supposed to and makes getting rid of your garbage as easy as it should be.

Get the Bag Size Right

Get the Bag Size Right

Most people assume that if they have a 40-gallon trash can they need a 40-gallon trash can bag... wrong! The bag you need is a lot larger than the size of your trash can, and there's a formula to work out which size you should have. Don't worry it isn't complicated and you can do it on a calculator if arithmetic isn't your strong point.

Determining the correct trash can bag width

First, we want to determine the width of our bag and as trash cans can be either square or round, we need a different formula for each. For square bins, you measure one side and add up all four, so if the side of your bin is 8 inches long that would be 4 x 8 = 32. You then half this to give you the bag width so 32/2 = 16

For round bins, we take the diameter and multiply by 3.14 (pi... remember this from school?). So, if we have a 15-inch diameter, this would be 15 x 3.14 which is 47.1. We then divide this by two which gives us 23.5, so we round up to 24 inches.

Determining the correct trash can bag height

This applies to both round and square bins. Measure the height of your trash can. To give you an example, we will say we have our round one from above and it is 42 inches tall. We take this measurement and add 4 inches. What this does is account for the overhang that we want at the top of our trash can. So, we now have 42 + 4 = 46.

Finally, we need to add half the width of the trash can (24 divided by 2 = 12). The figure we now have is 46 + 12 which is 58, although we would normally round this up to 60.

We now know which size trash can bag we need, and this will go a long way to solving some of the issues we have with it falling in, but there is more we can do as you are about to find out.

Securing the Bag

Securing the Bag

Tying the knot

This doesn’t mean you are going to get married, but instead refers to the simple practice of tying a knot in your trash can bag. Here's how you do it, so it is effective

  • Tie a knot in the corner of the trash can bag BEFORE you place in the trash can
  • Leave the knot loose enough so that you can adjust it
  • Place the bag inside the trash can, and pull the top of it over the edges of the can
  • Adjust the knot so that it keeps the top of the bag tightly held around the top of the trash can

Binder clips

There are not really any instructions here, other than to tell you to place binder clips around the top of your trash can to hold the bag in place. The best binder clips for this job are the larger, 2-inch size which you can buy from most stationery stores.

You also want the binder clips which have the moveable silver colored loops which you use to open and close them, rather than the type which is fixed. The moving ones will allow you to place the trash can lid on top.

Great big rubber bands

We have kept the simplest and easiest until last, and that is to use giant rubber bands to hold your trash can bag in place. This is why we spoke about adding 4 inches when we were calculating the width of the trash can bag which you needed. This extra can be pulled over the top of your trash can and then you use a large rubber band to hold it in place.

The rubber bands we are talking about are not the kind you find in office drawers. Instead, you can buy them for this specific purpose, and often they will cost less than $20, which is surely a small price to pay for your sanity when it stops you going crazy over your trash can bag falling inside.


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