iTouchless Sensor Trash Can Review

iTouchless Sensor Trash Can Review
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iTouchless Sensor Trash Can: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Durable
  • Convenient
  • Hygienic

What We Don't Like

  • Sensors might not work
  • Lid might stick
  • Expensive

Home automation is a modern buzz word. You can tell your lights to switch on and off, control your central heating with the touch of a button, and now with the iTouchless you can even bring your trash can into the 21st century.

Whether you’re a tech junkie, a germaphobe or just lead a busy life, you’ll love the iTouchless trash can. It’s sleek, stylish and adds convenience and luxury to your kitchen.

You’ll especially love it for throwing out vegetable peels from a cutting board as it makes this kitchen task so easy and hygienic.

iTouchless Sensor Trash Can Review

The iTouchless is a stylish and functional stainless steel bin. The motion of your hand automatically opens the lid. It was designed for convenience and hygiene. It also has a button to open and close the lid manually if you need it open for longer.

There are two power supply options. It comes with an AC adaptor which can be plugged in for power supply from the mains. Alternatively, 4 D batteries can be installed which only draw power as needed and last up to 1 ½ years.

The iTouchless also has a natural carbon filter which absorbs bad odors leaving your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.

If you struggle with the bin bag the iTouchless is a dream. The retainer ring prevents the bag from falling in and the air vents help to prevent suction, easing bag removal.

Who is this product for?

This product is for anyone who leads a busy life and wants to take the hassle out of a simple daily task. Why waste time with a bin bag falling into the bin or trying to multitask holding the lid open to throw cuttings away when you don’t have to?

If hygiene is important to you and you’re the type of person who washes your hands every time you touch a gross bin lid, this bin is the answer. You’ll be happy to know that the carbon filter which eliminates odors also controls the spread of germs.

Do you have a family with small children who don’t clean up after themselves? Kids love the automation of the iTouchless bin and will be encouraged to throw away their trash instead of leaving it behind.

It’s a bit more expensive than a traditional trash can, but we think it’s worth it considering the time and effort you will save. It is also a high-quality product backed by a full-service warranty, meaning you won’t need another bin for a very long time.

What’s included?

The iTouchless comes with an AC adaptor to plug into the main power supply. It also comes with a super convenient 5 ft. power cord. If your bin is not close to a main power supply 4D size batteries can be used but they’re not included.

You will receive one natural carbon odor filter with the bin which lasts for about three months. Refill packs are readily available for when it needs to be replaced.

A retainer ring is provided to prevent your bin bag from falling in.

This video will provide a useful visual of all the components for when you unpack your new bin.

Overview of features

The following were our favorite features:

  • The sensor for opening and closing the lid: The lid stays clean and so do your hands
  • The option to open and close the lid with a button: For occasions where you need the lid open for longer periods of time
  • The option for main power supply or batteries: This is a good option because your bin won’t always be placed close enough to a main power supply. The 4D batteries are energy efficient and long lasting
  • The retainer ring: Prevents the bag from falling into the bin
  • The size and design of the bin: The rectangular design of the bin is space efficient. It fits neatly into your kitchen but still has 13 gallons of space inside. It’s wide enough to fit larger items of trash
  • The carbon filter: Hygienic and efficient, this is easy to replace and readily available


Functionally the iTouchless competes well with other products in the same category. The occasional factory error has been reported but these are quickly overcome by the technical team and the warranty will cover you for this.

If this bin is a bit out of your price range the Ninestars DZT-50-28SL is a cheaper option with similar features.


You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much time and effort an automated bin can save you. Once you have one you will struggle to go back to a manual bin.

The iTouchless is a great reliable model with some great features. It’s suitable for absolutely anyone but is especially handy for families who want to save time on chores and rather spend more quality time together.


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